Jeff McBride Showdoctor

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The Show Doctor is the first full-length book of magic from Jeff McBride, one of the great magicians of our time.

The Show Doctor includes:

  • Eleven of Jeff’s previously unpublished routines, including stage illusions, stand-up routines, manipulation, close-up magic, cards, and mentalism.
  • Revised versions of Jeff’s celebrated advice column published in MAGIC Magazine.
  • Many interviews and additional writings that extend Jeff’s thoughts on how magicians can improve their performances and have more successful careers.
  • Access to a website with over 30 minutes of new videos that supplement the book, plus additional essays.


If you love magic…if you want to perform excellent magic…then the prescription is clear: it is time to consult The Show Doctor!

“If you only read one magic book this year, make it The Show Doctor.”
– Lance Burton

“I truly believe that Jeff McBride is the best guide to improving your magic show in the world today.”
– Mac King

“Some magicians have asked me if I was going to write a sequel to my one and only book,Maximum Entertainment. In many ways I truly feel that sequel is what you are holding in your hands right now.”
– Ken Weber

Pages: 296 – 7.25″ x 10.25″ – Hardcover – Illustrations


If you’re looking for advice from a true doctor of magic on how to improve just about every aspect of your “self” as a magician . . . you’ve come to the right place. The doctor is definitely in. 5 stars with a Stone Status of Complete and Total GEM! 
Jeff Stone, 8/7/2012