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The first reviews came in:


I purchased your book from H & R Magic here in the United States. I have just finished the book and enjoyed it tremendously and learned a lot from it. I do magic as a hobby, by profession, I am an accountant. I teach tax updates nationwide, so I love learning about the performance side of my business. I may not do magic, but the techniques of audience engagement and love are the same! And, sometimes, I do perform magic, too! 

Best, Abe Carnow, CPA, Los Angeles


For me who loves to read biographies about magicians, Listen to Us, is a find! It’s the best magic book I have read for years, and I am happy to add it to my collection! You will not only be entertained – you will learn quite a lot that you didn’t think about before. – Christer Nilsson, Magic Archive of Sweden


Michael Frederiksen has written a wonderful book entitled Listen To Us. I’m honoured to have been asked to be a part of it along with the biggest names in the business. It’s a cracker of a book. Highly recommended.
– Paul Gordon, Card magician and author of 40 books on card magic, UK


Very entertaining. Beautiful work – I admire the effort you put into this book project!
– Claus Liljeberg, Magic collector, DK


Wauw! – super, super beautiful and interesting book. It’s truly a project you can be proud of. Well done!
– Steen Pegani, Magic dealer, DK


It’s beautiful! – I’ll order more for Christmas gifts!
– Lennart Green, World champion of card magic, SE




Actors, artists, clowns, comedians, hypnotists, jugglers, magicians, mentalists, musicians, pickpockets, singers, and ventriloquists

Showbiz people from all over the world interviewed about: how they got into showbiz, heroes, achievements, decisions, funny and embarrassing situations, what real magic is to them, and advice for anyone who wants to make their passion and dreams come true.

Agnese Avalle, Alexx Alexander, Alf Mouwitz, Anders Bircow, Andi Gladwin, André Nybo, Anne Kleinstrup, Àsbjørn Berthelsen, Bill Herz, Bjarne Lisby, Christina Nyman, David Tholander, Erik Bo Bruhn, Erik Jensby, Gaia Elisa Rossi, Henning Cheff Magic Nielsen, Henrik Svanekær, Jane Wigh, Jean-Pierre Vallarino, Jens Bjørn Andersen, Jesper Grønkjær, Joachim Solberg, Johan Ståhl, John Derris, John Houdi, John Lovick, Jonas Ljung, Joshua Jay, Karl Koppertop, Kenny Quinn, Kristian Skovbo, Kristine Hjulstad, Kurt Pjerrot Flemming, Lars La Ville, Leif Olberius, Lennart Green, Love Melander, Luca Volpe, Mads Westfall, Mago Felix, Mahdi Gilbert, Marko Karvo, Martin Ingleby, Michael Deutsch, Michael Frederiksen, Michael Vincent, Micke Askernäs, Mikkel Falbe, Mikkel Karlsen, Morten áRogvi, Nick Caraway, Nicklas Berg, Niels Plys, Paul Daniels, Paul Gordon, Per Tøffe Tofte Nielsen, Peter Brynolf, Peter Nørgaard, Preben Palsgaard, Robert Mark, Rune Klan, Shawn Farquhar, Shoot Ogawa, Steen Pegani, Stefan Eriksson, Stine Tange, Sunny Cagara, Søren Hyldgaard, Tali Piontek, Thomas Hedemann, Tobbe Blom, Torben Østermark, Wayne Dobson

As a bonus, learn 14 bar tricks to entertain and impress your friends.

352 pages, English, Signed (If you ask for it), Hardcover Luxury Edition

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